Location Dokis, On
Installed Capacity 10 MW
Generating Flow 2 x 80 m³/s per turbine
Total Investment 48 millions $
Annual Production 48 000 MWh
Construction 20 months
Commissioning Summer 2015

Project Okikendawt

The intake and the powerhouse will form a monolithic concrete bloc. The powerhouse will be 18 meters wide and will have a length of 45 meters, including the intake, the water chamber and the draft tube. The top of the powerhouse would also serve as a road, thus maintaining the existing road access to the Portage Dam.

It was decided to use two (2) turbines with a total nominal nameplate capacity of approximately 10 MW at a flow of approximately 160 m³/s. The technology most likely to be used will be a horizontal axis Kaplan pit turbine. The rated net head is evaluated at 7.50 m.