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Hydroméga is a Quebec pioneer in renewable energy production. For over 35 years, Hydroméga has been developing, implementing, and operating electricity production facilities in Quebec first, and since 2005, in Ontario as well. Hydroméga was the first independent producer to operate hydroelectric plants transferred by Hydro-Quebec. Hydroméga was also one of the first wind farm developers with an installed capacity of 949 MW, which represents almost 25% of the installed power in Quebec. Additionally, Hydroméga has a portfolio of solar, battery, and biogas projects in Quebec and Ontario.

The hydroelectric production capacity developed and operated since the beginning of its operations currently totals 137 MW.

Our vIEW

Hydromega is an actor of the energy transition.
Our activity as a renewable energy producer contributes to decarbonize our planet.
Our large-scale projects are effective and sustainable solutions to the fight against climate change.



                                               Belleville 2 Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Our recent projects

During its existence, Hydromega has acquired an experience and a know-how that positions it as a leader in the independent production market, and more particularly in the “small and medium hydro” sector as well as in wind energy. With close to 1000 MW of wind power projects developed, Hydromega represents +25% of the installed wind power capacity in Quebec.

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The wind farms in operation that Hydromega has developed have a total installed capacity of nearly
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Hydromega's portfolio of new wind projects is over
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