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Solar energy is now an essential renewable energy.

solar energyHOW ITS WORKS

The solar panels, also know as solar photovoltaic systems catch the sunrays and convert them in electricity. These systems can be connected to your current electrical network or be independent and supply you with an autonomous source of electricity.

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The main technologies for exploiting solar energy:

Solar thermal energy consists in trapping the sun’s rays with thermal captors. The created energy is then transmited to metal absorbers that diffuse heat and assure domestic hot water. This system is particularly used by solar water heaters.

Solar photovoltaic systems

The electricity is generated from the sun’s rays collected with the installations of solar panels. Generally place on the roofs of houses and connected to inverters that change the direct current produced by the panels into alternating current. The latter is then sent to a production electricity meter to measure the enerby produced. Some panel models are equipped with motors to redirect them at leaisure to follow the sun’s course.