to the Public Community Meeting for the proposed

Project: Trenton Lock 1 Hydro Project

Qualified Applicant: Hydromega Services Inc.

Registered Proponent: Trenton Lock 1 Hydro LP

Hydromega is a Quebec independent renewable energy producer, active since 1987. We are specialized in the  development, construction, financing and operation of independent electric facilities in Quebec and Ontario.

 The total hydroelectric production developed and operated by Hydromega exceeds 120 MW. Hydromega has successfully developed 12 hydropower plants with an installed capacity ranging from 2 MW to 40 MW. In Ontario, Hydromega owns and operates five power plants with a total installed capacity of 32 MW, enough electricity for approximately 20,000 homes in Ontario. Our most recent projects in Ontario (Kapuskasing, 2013 and Okikendawt, 2015) were developed in partnership with local First Nations.

In April 2021, Hydromega is proud to announce the acquisition of the Ayers-1 and Ayers-2 generating stations located on the Rivière du Nord in Lachute, Quebec. The two plants, with a combined capacity of 5.9 MW.

Montreal, March 31, 2022 – Hydromega Services inc. (“Hydromega”) and Plant-E Corp. (“Plant-E”), through the company Cogen Biogaz HY, are proud to announce the acquisition of the cogeneration plant Haute-Yamaska ​​located in Ste-Cécile-de-Milton, Quebec. The 2.0 MW plant uses biogas produced by the adjacent landfill to generate electricity.

Trenton Lock 1  Hydro Project

The proposed Trenton Lock 1 Hydro Project  (the “Project”) is located in the City of Quinte  West in Ontario on Parks Canada Agency’s  land. The Project will be connected to

the Hydro-One Networks Inc. distribution  system. The contractual capacity of the  Project may reach up to 8 MW. The final  arrangement of the Project will be refined as  results of site investigations, engineering,  environmental features and public  consultations.

Trenton Lock 1  Hydro Project AND BESS PROJECT

Site Charateristics

Site : Trenton Lock #1 HYDRO
River : Trent
Watershed : ~ 12,400 km2 
Contractual Capacity : ~ 4-8 MW  Nominal Flow : ~ 100 m3/s – 200 m3/s 
Gross Head : ~ 5.0m


Site : Trenton Lock #1 BESS
Contractual Capacity : 10 MW – 40 MWh

TeraStors: 6