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Energy is our future

Hydromega is currently studying approximately ten hydroelectric and wind projects.

Hydromega has recently broadened its scope to develop different promising types of renewable energy such as wind power.

Wind Energy

In 2008, Hydromega, EDF EN and RES Canada create the Saint-Laurent Énergies consortium in a view to develop the 954 MW of wind energy awarded by Hydro-Québec, following the results of the Call for tender A/O 2005-03.

Hydromega has initiated the development of three of the five projects, namely Lac Alfred (300 MW), Rivière-du-Moulin (350 MW) and Aguanish (80 MW). In March 2010, Hydromega leaves the consortium to concentrate itself on the development of its numerous projects.  Today, Hydromega is working on several wind energy projects across the province of Quebec, totaling 200 MW.

2000 MW wind energy call for tender map (source Hydro-Québec)