Trenton Lock 1 Hydro Project

Trenton Lock 1 Hydro L.P. awarded a LRP I RFP Contract

April 12th, 2016, City of Quinte West, Ontarion
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Project Description

The proposed Trenton Lock 1 Hydro Project (the “Project”) is located in the City of Quinte West in Ontario on Parks Canada Agency’s land. The Project will be connected to the Hydro-One Networks Inc. distribution system. The maximum installed capacity of the Project may reach up to 7 MW. The final arrangement of the Project will be refined as results of site investigations, engineering, environmental features and public consultations.

Community Engagement Plan
Hydromega has been developing renewable energy projects for more than 27 years and we take great pride in the efforts made to develop successful projects that have benefited from high social acceptability.
In order to meet high standards of consultation, and as per the LRP I requirements, Hydromega has prepared a Community Engagement Plan which details the public consultation measures that will be put in place during the development of the Project.
The objectives of this consultation process are:
  • Identifying interested parties and stakeholders,
  • Engaging early in the development process with interested parties and stakeholders;
  • Consulting with local and regional communities and First Nations;
  • Providing detailed information on the Project;
  • Identifying interested parties and stakeholders’ concerns in order to address them at all stage of the development.
Consultation will enable Hydromega to obtain and use stakeholders knowledge for Project development and in the assessment of any potential environmental impacts.
The Community Engagement Plan can be consulted here.
Site Consideration Information
Hydromega has prepared detailed maps of the Project and connection line. These maps present the location of the Project, key features of the Project, municipal and properties boundaries as well as other features of interest.
The Site Consideration Information maps can be consulted here.
Trenton Lock 1 Hydro Project
Qualified Applicant : Hydromega Services Inc.
Registered Proponent : Trenton Lock 1 Hydro LP
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